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Radish Abuse was an Indie influenced Noise project from Birmingham, England formed in the summer of 2006. Radish Abuse was originally meant to be named Relish Abuse but this was forced to be changed by a friend of the band Luke because he said "Relish was his word" so Radish was chosen instead. The project was influenced by Japanese noise groups like The Gerogerigegege and Merzbow, various bands in the landfill indie scene and shitty New Rave movement at the time such as The Kooks & The Klaxons as well as bands like Barry Scott and the Cillit Band, Anal Blast, Anal Cunt, Phantasmagoria, Queens of the Stone Age as well as The Chinkees. The band had one member Stuart who tried to gain a full line up in it's early days which didn't get far.
Radish Abuse released one demo in extremely limited copies and with hand drawn covers entitled Finland in October 2006, it had 4 tracks. The project was recorded with a faulty webcam that would interrupt with static noise, Stuart did vocals as well as acoustic guitar, shamisen, percussion (via banging on the desk) and a jaw harp, The guitar and shamisen were completely out of tune and played weirdly. Vocals were half the time sung and half the time rapped in a vague racist accent that swapped from Japanese to Mexican constantly and sometimes deathgrowled.
At the time the band made heavy use of USSR, Communist and sometimes Anarchist imagery however this band failed to express any political messages in any of it's songs and didn't take politics too seriously and was more influenced by playing Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2. One logo was extremely simplified as "ЯⒶ", another had Sputnik stylized into a radish.
The band shifted style in 2007 to Acoustic Grindcore/Noisecore and had a more death metal influenced logo because he thought the indie scene was 'full of faggots' however nothing was ever recorded and the project ended.

The Tools

  • Acoustic Guitar
  • Shamisen
  • Computer Desk
  • Jaw Harp
  • Faulty Webcam


Radish Abuse - Finland (2006)
1. Every Santa Dance Now
2. How Many People Live in Your House (Death Metal Edition)
3. Dishonourable K
4. Untitled