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Reynols (an Argentine band led by a drummer, Miguel Tomasin, with Down syndrome) earned a measure of fame with a series of high-concept art projects, including a symphony for 10,000 chickens, an album of blank tapes playing, and a disc of "dematerialized" music (an empty CD case).

Reynols' drummer and band leader Miguel Tomasin was once asked how popular the band was in Argentina (where it was the house band on the hit medical program "The Health of Our Children"), to which he replied, "We're more famous than a frozen glass of wool." Music from Inside the Mirror for the Mega-Mind Ears.

Reynols has played street guerilla gigs with their guitars plugged into pumpkins as well as performances for an "audience" consisting of (presumably sublimating) dry ice. Their drummer and "spiritual leader" is Miguel Tomasin, an individual with Down Syndrome who is also a former pupil of Reynols founders and special educators Alan Courtis and Roberto Conlazo. Reynols has collaborated with Pauline Oliveros as well as the residents of a pollo ranch. They have "written" a piece for "baritone, tenor, contralto and soprano whistling kettles" that does in fact have some relationship to String Quartet literature. They have also made field recordings of imaginary places, such as a Márquez-esque outpost in Tomasin's imagination over which the banner of "Minecxio" flies (shades of Christian Vander's prog-sludge Magma), the forces of attraction binding magnetized particles to spooled strips of plastic polymers (Blank Tapes on Trente Oiseaux), and the installation of a hole in a street in Buenos Aires (Rampotanza Ronil Rempelente).


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