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SEKAI started as a one-off release from an unrelated project. However, during the coordination phase of a split tape with kawaii noise queen Kyary Ero Guro, an identity was formed. With a small but effective arsenal of distortion pedals, hand built devices, and a love for Japanese pop music, SEKAI quickly became classified as "true kawaii noise" and one of the catalysts for the current Kawaii Noise movement.

Currently not much else is known about SEKAI as the little social media presence that exists is rarely updated or promoted, but he remains constantly active (this includes rare local live performances).


It's No Use - Self Release

SEKAI/Kyary Ero Guro Split - Sacred Altar Recordings

World's End - Self Release (Digital Single)

The SEKAI Complex Guide To Blackened Skies & Hostile Behavior - Social Stress

*Discography to be re-released by Kawaii☆Noizu label*