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Septic Anus are a grind/noisecore band from south london, UK.

They were formed in early january 2008 with the original line up of just Mr.Naughty on guitar and Pettigroo McTavish on drums. Vocals were shared. Songs with this line up include: "Henry VIII died of syphillis", "Fire Exit Dildo" and the epic first song "I puked in your soup".
In late February, after 10 songs they decided to get a bassist, Rectal Annihilator. Since Rectal Annihilator's joining, the band have been busy recording such songs as "dog bukkake", "i shout kerfluff when i cum" and "eternal daytime TV".
Septic Anus have not released a proper album from their home-based "Bloodshed Productions" yet but we can only hope they will soon.

For more information about the band, visit their site at their official myspace