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Seven Minutes Of Nausea, a.k.a. 7MON started in 1985 in Australia with Scut on drums/bass and Mick Hollows on vocals, it was the original line up, but in January 1990 it splits up, then Mick Hollows travels to Europe becoming then Seven Minutes Of Nausea a one-man project with collaboration of different friends from Germany on the following releases. Seven Minutes Of Nausea style was influencing a lot of noisecore bands in the early 90's and their releases have the cult status.

Nowadays Seven Minutes Of Nausea is based in Germany and it's formed by Mick Hollows and Matthias Weigand.

Home of Nausea
Ecocentric Records

videos at youtube:
live 21.07.2007 Live Germany
rehearsal 1993
Live early 90's