Sandy Anus and the Donut Blasters

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Sandy Anus and the Donut Blasters were formed in Missouri, summer 2008, after a particularly bad case of Haemmoroids and the unwise application of a tube of chili paste. Consisting of Sandy Anus, chief protagonist, famed horse masturbator, and sufferer of piles on drum machine and bass, and TKW on vocals, programming and outfits

After turning down a Pay for Play show, by notorious local child molester, JP, owner of JP Concerts and booker for local shithole to never be played, the Creepy Crawl, the band struggled to record the 278 track demo, realising that the tuning up sounded better than the demo, they chose to release that instead. To date they have yet to play outside of Apex, and never, ever sober.

Bandcamp link is here.