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Carlton, the official Santorum Squad mascot.


Santorum Squad is an experimental/shitcore band from a place. Their signature style consists of samples, irritating guitar/bass noises, and inside jokes. It's generally agreed that the titles are the only tolerable part of Santorum Squad.


Many guitars and basses, a wide arrangement of effects pedals, Audacity.


RIC FLAYR A.K.A. SH1TC0RE H011Y (Guitar, occasional bass, samples)

3(|<5 P4\/\/|< A.K.A. ]< 4 /\/ 3 :: | /\/ :: |) | C |< (Bass, occasional guitar, samples)

Tyrone "Crack" Sanders [Session member] (Drums, inspiration)

Demetrius "Coco" Oswald A.K.A. Coonru [Session member] (Keyboard, vocals, occasional samples, inspiration)


(2013) It's Everywhere! [EP]

(2013) Broken Hymen Mountain (Cocaine Afterbirth) [EP]

(2013) Fetal Pubic Bazooka [EP]

(2013) Clitzkrieg [EP]

(2013) [CENSORED] [EP]

(2013) Straight Outta Delta [Single]

(2013) Santorum Squad: The Dark Night of a Million Stains

(2013) Anal Leakage (Get The Plunger) [Only Available by Request]

(2013) Enter The Sand-Nigga [With Demetrius "Coco" Oswald, A.K.A. Coonru]

(2013) Smegmadeth

(2013) Greatest (S)hits

(2013) Straight Outta Delta Part 2: Beyond the Fourth Sweep [Single]

(2014) Straight Outta Delta Part 3: Fuck You Nigger You Don't Get A Subtitle [Single]

(2014) Straight Outta Delta Part 4: The Sweep War [Single]

(2014) Behind Doors That Should Remain Closed: The Previously Unspoken Lore of the Drawer [With SQUAD]

(2014) The Anal Scar-Chives [21 Disc Set]

(2015) [EXPUNGED] [Single]

(2015) Straight Outta Delta Part 6: Sanburg's 1.21 Inch Dick [Single]

(2015) Straight Outta Delta Part 7: Herm's Dick of the Day [Single]

(2016) Greatest Tits

(2016) The Scott-Man Prophecies

(2016) Have a Merry Clitsmas

(2018) Straight Outta Delta Part 8: It's Time To Stop [Single]

(2018) Straight Outta Delta Part 9: The Ride Never Ends [Single]

(2018) Shed, Bath, and Beyond: Season's Greetings From The Scat Lords (With Da Nig & SQUAD)

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