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Shitlips (also known as Shit Lips, Shit-Lips,, and The Family Friendly Sit-Lips) is an improvised free noise band from Seattle, Washington. Over 68 members have played as part of the group at different times. Instruments have ranged from drums, guitar, and bass (often played in unconventional ways, such as with screwdrivers and sex toys), to banjo and zither, to car doors, staple guns, pots and pans, and children's toys. They have played at locations ranging from punk houses (including Seattle's famous, now defunct Josephine), the Black Lodge, The Vera Project<ref></ref>, Hollow Earth Radio, Edmonds Community College, and even a bar in Manchester, England.

Notable Members

Founder Van Wolfe is also the founder and organizer of the annual Pacific Northwest music festival VanFest, as well as the drummer of rock band Trauma Del Rey. Calea Kinney and lead guitarist Ted Fitzwilliams have gone on to form the project QRY. Alcy has moved to Tokyo, Japan and collaborated with artists such as L'eclipse Nue and Henry of Henoheno (the two releasing under the name of Discount Rack).


The first Shitlips studio album, Bonerdad, is eight hours long and was recorded in one straight take, with 15 participants. In addition to the digital release which most Shitlips recordings have been given, a limited run of flash drives featuring art from the members and containing the album were produced.

The followup album, Wrinklemom, was recorded at the start of May 2015 and released on July 15 of that year. It was the first Shitlips project to have instruments recorded on separate tracks.

Their third release, LoverDaughter, came out on September 11, 2016. 25 members participated on this record.

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