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Sinmantyx is a name used by M. A. Melby for several projects including visual art, experimental and noise composition, and blogging.


Eclectic noise artist “sinmantyx” (b. 1975) grew up in rural Minnesota. Her mother painted and her father had a great love of Bach and barbershop.


She studied music and physics as an undergraduate at Moorhead State University and as a graduate student at Northern Illinois University. After graduation, she spent several years in Flint, Michigan before moving back to Minnesota.

Her sounds vary greatly from harsh noise pieces such as Crappyresistor and Simple Text, to novel poetry and story treatments such as Faith, Not You and Walmart, to rhythmic noise settings such as Kitty and Techno.

Her installation work was performed at Northern Illinois University as part of her Master's Thesis "In Partial Fulfillment..." in 2003. The installation made use of three corner closets within the small auditorium. One closet contained a cross participants were encouraged to strap themselves into while listening to "Faith". Another closet contained framed pictures of crystallography readouts and large air-filled balls; participants were encouraged to feel the vibrations of the piece "Future Suite" by handling or sitting on them. The last closet was plastered with anarchist reading material and included a speaker/microphone feedback system; participants were encouraged to talk or scream into the microphone, causing the system to be perturbed while physically moving the elements of the system was the only way to cause permanent change.

She rarely plays live and exists, as a composer, primarily as an online entity.

She has been briefly involved with several collaborations including Will Soderberg, MOZ and Bipolar Joe. Those tracks are available on MySpace, but were never formally released.

“Not you” was also chosen to anchor the Mothers Against Noise compilation.

Discography includes: Back in the Day (Minnesota), In Partial Fulfillment... (Illinois) and New Folder (Michigan).

She also created a compilation of various works under the label-name Anti-Groupie titled Noise for People Who Hate People Who Hate the Noise Scene.