Slit My Tits

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Slit My Tits front.jpg
Artist(s): Stillborn Granny
Title: Slit My Tits
Released: 2016
Genre: Cybergrind, Gorenoise
Type: Full length
Label: Testicular Records
Format: CD-R, cassette tape
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Slit My Tits is the debut album by the 8-bit cybergrind/gorenoise one man project Stillborn Granny.

Released in 2016 on CD-R (15 hand-numbered copies) and on cassette tape in 2018, limited to 30 copies (10 transparent tapes with pink boxes and 20 green tapes with transparent boxes) by Testicular Records.

Track list

01. Facefucked by a Shiny Goomba on LSD
02. Two Year Old Contortionist with Explosive Diarrhea
03. Midgets in My Freezer
04. Sharpie in Pooper
05. A Threesome with Tangrowth and Tentacruel
06. Fistfucked by Scyther
07. Enjoying Swedish Snus with Harry Potter
08. Chris Harper Mercer Delivery Service
09. Itchy Foreskin
10. Princess Peach in Yoga Pants
11. Paedophiles are Immature
12. Bob-Omb Gagball
13. Diglett's Lower Body
14. John Wayne Gacy Birthday Party
15. Moldy Cheeseburgers for Breakfast
16. Piledriving my Retarded Sister in Her Wheelchair
17. Fat Feminist with a Trampstamp Tattoo
18. Eating Cereal out of my Gaping Asshole
19. Dildo Toothbrush
20. Teabagged by Saddam Hussein
21. Smegma All Over Her Beard
22. Orgasm Reached by Testicular Cancer
23. Split My Dick and Call Me Caitlyn
24. Anal Euphoria