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Stimbox was a noise music project run by Tim Oliveira. Stimbox's work was noted for its dense, psychedelic sound, usually made with closed feedback loops run through various effects units.


Tim Oliveira


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VII ‎(Cass, C90) Hebi Like A Snake H#10 1994

V ‎(Cass, C90) Hebi Like A Snake H#08 1994

EHI / Stimbox - Sound Therapy ‎(Cass, Ltd, C46) Hebi Like A Snake H#18 1995

Tian ‎(Cass, C90) Hebi Like A Snake H#14 1995

Stimbox / A.U.M. / Death Squad - Enjoy Happiness ‎(CD, Ltd) Hebi Like A Snake H#22 1996

Stimbox / Death Squad - Composite ‎(Cass, Ltd, C46) Hebi Like A Snake H#20 1996

Meltdown ‎(Cass, Ltd, Num, C46) Spite (2) SPITE01 1997

Stimbox + :Yau:* - :stim:yau:/:yau:box: ‎(Cass, Ltd, Num, C46) Hebi Like A Snake H#24 1997

R.H.Y. Yau : Stimbox - Tactile ‎(Cass, C60) Auscultare Research aus 007 1997

Caveat Emptor ‎(CDr, Album, Ltd, Num) Solipsism Solipsism-15 1998

Stimbox and Dogliveroil - Play The Hits Of The 1618 Polk Street Fire Alarm ‎(Cass) Betley Welcomes Careful Drivers none 1998

Stimbox / Armenia - Libertino ‎(CDr) Bizarre Audio Arts none 2001

Bogul Bogul ‎(CDr, Album) Hebi Like A Snake H#29 2003

Stimbox / Armenia - Split ‎(CDr) Bizarre Audio Arts none 2003

Inner Turmoil 2 versions Fargone Records 2004

Fester ‎(CDr, Ltd) Rape Art Productions RAP#011 2004

Stimbox / Marax - Untitled ‎(CDr, Ltd) Muchausen Sound MS 07 2004

Stimbox / Nkondi - Whatflavorisnoise? ‎(Cass) dollfullofrivets dfrp011 2004

Stimbox / Xome - Stimbox / Xome ‎(CDr) Negatron Heavy Industries NEG-030 2004

12-01-2005 ‎(CDr) Obscurica OB-033 2005

Stimbox / Torturing Nurse - Cowfish Plus Vermilion ‎(CDr, Ltd) Shasha Records Shasha CD-004 2005

Stimbox / Ronez / Lasse Marhaug - 3-Way Split ‎(CDr) Doufu Records drcd005 2006

Between Eugene And Victoria ‎(CD) L. White Records LW-038 2006

Recycled ‎(CDr, RE) Hebi Like A Snake H#RRR 2006

Morphic Resonance ‎(Cass, Ltd, C60) PAS-83 Productions C 01906 2006


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