Strangers In The Earfucked Cunt

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Strangers In The Earfucked Cunt.jpg
Title: Strangers In The Earfucked Cunt
Released: 2006
Genre: Noisecore, Shitcore, Cybergrind
Type: Full-length
Label: Zymotic Productions
Format: Files - MP3
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Strangers In The Earfucked Cunt is sixth full-lenghts album of Russian noisecore/shitcore/cybergrind band PODZALUPNAYA PERHOTЬ. Released in 2006.

Track list

01. Funeral From The Cunt
02. What You Don't Speak,the Face From Ass?!
03. Remasturbated Liver
04. Graves Are Waiting
05. Whirl Of Cunt
06. My Dismembered Balls
07. Storm Of Corpses
08. As Knife On Guts
09. Smashing The Sheeps
10. Hole Of Penis
11. Kleisterblood From Rotten Sky
12. Christmas Coffin
13. Shit On My Hands
14. Cum Onto Icon
15. In Brains Of My Balls
16. Fuck The Niggers
17. Shitshower Of Blood
18. Iconoklizm
19. Something Dead Inside Your Mouth
20. Don't Deceive The Crosseyed
21. Paradise Without Angels
22. Ignoring The Reality
23. Infants Of Shit
24. PigGods
25. Stillborn Massacre
26. Napalm Burned Vulva
27. Disvomited Prosphora