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Strydent is a harsh noise / power electronics artist originating from the UK. The project began with one LP in 2015 before being brought to hiatus. It returned in November 2016. Strydent is led by Maverick Williams, and yes, that is from Top Gun. Much of his noise is produced and recorded live using SunVox, a modular music studio, with small edits done in Audacity, everyone's favourite shit tool for editing audio. Plans to experiment with more programs and items are of course underway.


Izu (2015) - Strydent's first release, creating using ToneStack GO for the iPhone. Has since been lost. The lead track, Izu, can be listened to here.

SE1 (2016) - EP, self-released. Listen to it here.

lyin' down on railway tracks (2016) - Single, self released. Listen to it here.

wish for it (2016) - EP released on Loli Will Noise. Listen to it here.

stab (2017) -Debut album coming soon~


For info regarding releases or collaborations, contact