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Subterrestrial is an experimental sound project from the San Francisco Bay Area. Begun in early 2010, Subterrestrial is largely inspired by hollow earth theories and unexplainable phenomenon. The purpose of Subterrestrial is to experiment with a variety of musical styles, including (but not limited to) ambient/atmospheric noise, musique concrete, harsh/static noise and power electronics. Subterrestrial usually approaches noise in a tightly composed and arranged fashion, sometimes arranging audio events around a time signature.

Project personnel

The sole contributor of Subterrestrial is Gary Ransford (AKA Subterrestrial) who has been involved in noise and experimental music since the early 1990s, including such projects as Obiter Dictum, Pagan Gas Station, The Violet Grind and Imperial Floral Assault Unit.

Sound and instrumentation

Recordings by Subterrestrial often feature both soft synths and field recordings and are usually master in various DAWs, including Garage Band. Regardless of the resultant style, Subterrestrial sound works are usually very atmospheric in nature and feature liberal use of reverb.

Selected discography

Despite a few physical releases, the majority of Subterrestrial's output is released as net audio albums in MP3 format on various netlabels, including his own Subterrestrial Netlabel. They include:

(2010) "H-21" (Subterrestrial)
(2010) "Camera Obscura" (Subterrestrial)
(2010) "The Burning Earth" (Datahex Records)

External links

Official website

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