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Suca is a noisegrind band from Andalusia, Spain. Suca was formed in April 2018. Suca have only two members, Insulto Desordenado (guitar and other noises) and Tortilla Extrovertida (vocals). The meaning of Suca is "Azúcar", in a wrong way: "Asuca", Suca means "Suck it!!" too. The name of the band insults to the listeners at the same time express the love to the sugar. They do comedy noisegrind, in an experimental way, their songs are about their most primitive feelings of the society, they do a very chaotic noise, with only a very distorted guitar and the sick and insane vocals of "Tortilla Extrovertida". Sometimes, "Insulto Desordenado" don't use guitar, and make noise with objects, or a virtual midi instruments very distorted, even adding distorted midi flutes, they call: "electric flute". Tortilla Extrovertida screams insanely and without stopping, never use a vocal technique, only scream, extremely chaotic, and Insulto Desordenado tells he looks like possessed when he do that, because he enter in a trance screaming, and then, start to make weird tones of voice and evil laughs too. They recommend listen the Suca album in the worse way possible, the very first album "La familia", was listened even in virtual reality glasses by people. Their lyrics don't have a sense, they only write nonsense stuff and weird, or even screams the title of the tracks, sometimes, they even don't use lyrics and only makes screamings and other weird stuff, they even had a featuring with the Insulto Desordenado's dog, they recorded the dog barking and they distorted that.


Insulto Desordenado (guitar and other noises)

Tortilla Extrovertida (vocals).


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