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The Sleep Sessions live @ Wagon Club, Wroclaw, Poland

The Sleep Sessions is a Harsh Noise/Ambient music project from Poland. It started to operate in early '99 as a bedroom-based enterprise by David A. Kowalski (aka Apewrist). After a couple of years and a few name changes (Spirituine, Shapewriter, Against The Sky - to name a few), The Sleep Sessions started to perform live and record full-lenght materials for America-based Harsh Noise ( and Barfing Dagger records.


- Lead Into Gold (CDr, Harsh Noise)
- Heatwaves & Snowdrifts (CDr, Barfing Dagger)
- The Bridge (3" CDr, Industrial Culture)


- 14 X 2006 - Noise 4 Cash Fest., Cracow, Poland
+ IV Lab/Darkness & Silence/Antihuman/XV Parowek

- 4 XI 2006 - Roentgen Club, Cracow, Poland
+ Jesus is a Noise Commander

- 15 III 2007 - Imbir Club, Cracow, Poland
+ DJ Wiktor Skok/Whitehouse

- 26 IV 2007 - AOIA, Lodz, Poland
+ Tomasz Bednarczyk, Maciej Szymczuk feat. Joanna, Thomas Koner

- 18 VIII 2007 - WAgon Club, Wroclaw, Poland
+ Retro, Red Moth, Antihuman, Astma

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