The Blown Amp Demos

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Blown Amp Demos - album cover.png
Artist(s): Dr. Failure
Title: The Blown Amp Demos
Recorded: December 8, 2017
Released: December 8, 2017
Genre: Noise Rock
Type: Demo Album
Label: Independent
Format: Files - MP3
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The Blown Amp Demos was the last improvisational guitar jam album that featured the amp used since Some German Phrase In English. It's Dr. Failure's sixth improvisational guitar jam album. Because the amp was blown, the sound is fuzzy and hard to distinguish.

Gear and Equipment

Dr. Failure used a cheap-ish Fender Stratocaster, a cheap guitar amp, and a Macbook for recording.


# Track Title Time
1 Dime For A Pick 02:19
2 Scratch 03:45
3 Slap In The Face 02:49
4 (I'm Not Your) Stepping Stone (Monkees Cover) 02:29
5 Kerosine 01:09

Total Runtime: 12:31