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The influential noise band Thessalonians were pioneers in the San Francisco noise scene of the mid 80's. Founded in 1985 by Kim Cascone, Larry Thrasher (Psychic TV, Thee Majesty) and David James (Spearhead, The Coup) out of the recording project PGR (RRR and Silent Records). Later Thessalonians added David Gardner (Tipsy) and Kurt Robinson to the lineup. They released several cassettes and a full length vinyl LP called "The Black Field" on Silent Records. In 1991 Cascone, Thrasher and James regrouped with Paul Neyrinck and Don Falcone (Spirits Burning) and released the CD "Soulcraft" that combined noise samples and beds with ethno-ambient textures and beats. The CD sold over 3000 copies in London alone and was considered a prototype for the emerging Asian Underground scene in London as it relied heavily on Thrasher's tabla playing and dub influences. The 2005 Noh Poetry Records release titled "Solaristics" was an ambient electronic noise release of recordings made in the 90's.



  • 1986 - Denver/Boulder 86 (Cass) (Not On Label)
  • 1986 - The Concentration Of Light Prior To Combustion (Cass, C60) (Banned Production BP-16)
  • 1986 - The Unwinding (Cass) (Silent SR9010)
  • 1986 - Thessalonians (Cass) (Not On Label) - Improvisations Recorded live At Martin Weber Gallery S.F.
  • 1988 - Imbrication 2 (Cass) (Angakok AKT011)
  • 1989 - The Black Field (LP) (Silent SR8905)
  • 1993 - Soulcraft (CD) (Silent SR9334)
  • 2005 - Solaristics (CD, Album) (Noh Poetry NPR005)


  • 1986 - Gateway Of Fruit Loops (Cass) (The Subelectrick Institute)
    • Mutilation Of T&A
  • 1991 - RRR-Taste Test 1991 - Vol 6 (Cass, Smplr, Promo, C48) (RRRecords)
    • Denver / Boulder
  • 1994 - En-Trance Volume 2 (A Collection Of Tribal Techno Trance Grooves) (2xLP) (North South ENT LP2)
    • Be Here Now (Red Devil Mix)
  • 1987 - Ciguri (LP, Ltd) (Odd Size OS 1)
    • The Black Field
  • 1987 - Northern California Is A Noisey Place Indeed (Cass, Comp, C60) (Sound Of Pig SOP 65)
    • Untitled
  • 1991 - Altered States Of Consciousness (CD, Comp) (UPD Organization U.P.D. 006)
    • Absolute Equinox
  • 1994 - En-Trance Volume Two (A Collection Of Tribal Techno Trance Grooves) (CD, Comp) (North South ENT CD2)
    • Be Here Now (Red Devil Mix)
  • 1995 - 110 Below - No Sleeve Notes Required (CD) (110 Below BELOW 3CD)
    • Serious Ancient Rhythm...
  • 1995 - 110 Below - No Sleeve Notes Required (2xLP) (110 Below BELOW 03LP)
    • Serious Ancient Rhythm...
  • 1996 - From Here To Tranquility Volume 5: The Silent Channel (CD) (Silent SR9600)
    • E-Space