Tuft -Gust Of Lead

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GOL 500x500.jpg
Artist: Tuft
Release: Gust Of Lead
Label: Medusa Head Records
Year: 2007
Format: CDr
Tracks: 18
TRT: 35:32

Tuft is Kristopher Lee, whom owns Medusa Head Records[1]. His lastest work, Gust Of Lead, is more of a piece of art than a "noise" release. What we have here is over 300 guitar solos mashed and mixed into 18 separate tracks titled by various numbers, example, track three is titled "20". There really isn’t much range has far as harsh noise goes but what there is is a lot of styles of metal. The fact that there are over 300 guitar solos is a marvel in itself and to hear them all mixed together is brilliant. The mixing is done very well too. You don’t get blasted by to many solos going on at once and you can still focus on certain ones as well, if you choose. My own negative note about this is if your new to the this label and your looking for noise you won’t find it with this release, but if you’re a metal head, look no further.

Now the artwork, the website states it as "packaged in a metallic, cast-resin sculptural sleeve". That’s putting it mildly. This "package" is crazy and must have taken hours just to do each one. All the colour is grey on the sculpture and on the top left it features the artist and the title stamped in, then to the right there’s a 2 inch high castle tower surrounded by grey looking lava all carved in the ground under this tower. The whole "sleeve" is quite a marvel just for a release. I’ve honestly never seen anything like it, outside of some D&D set played on a 5 foot by 5 foot board. In short, this release is very unique and something to be proud of just to own, let alone play in your stereo.