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WeAreAllSlaves is an Experimental/Noise/Dark Ambient project from Belgrade, Serbia started by Filip Stojiljkovic in June, 2013.


Filip Stojiljkovic started making music in his room at the age of 17. In his music, Filip ranges himself from Harsh Noise to Dark Ambient elements. He uses vocals, toy instruments and software computer effects to help maintain the noise he seeks. The name of the project itself is self-explanatory. In almost every of his releases, the music captures the chaotic, claustrophobic and nightmarish atmosphere.


The influences of the project is Masonna, Joan La Barbara, Diamanda Galas, Tunnel Canary, Merzbow, Whitehouse and White Hospital.


S/T Demo (2013)

S/T II (2013)

Two Sons of a Balkan Bitch - split w/ Ana Venus (Metronome Publishing 2013)

You Must Be Stuck Into Some Complications (Myhandthanxrecords 2013)

For Lou Reed (2013)

WeAreAllSlaves / WhiteWater Orgasm Split (2013)

WeAreAllSlaves//Dali's Aardvark//Snowfeeder//Solemkin Split (Placenta Recordings 2014)

And This Landscape Sounds Like A Nightingale (Splitting Sounds Records 2014)

I a m f i n g e r p r i n t - split w/ OS125 (Shit Noise Records 2014)

Victim 5024//Victim 5025 (Color Triangle Recordings / Vibrio Cholerae Records 2014)

WeAreAllSlaves / HumanHate666 Split (2014)

Koobaatoo Asparagus / WeAreAllSlaves Split (No Skinny Jeans 2014)

Royal For The Naive (2014)

WeAreAllSlaves/V Sabo Split (2015)

WeAreAllSlaves/Roadside Dead Split (John's Noise Records)

Substitutional Tears - WeAreAllSlaves/Third-I/Antitalent (Jesboligakurac and Smell The Stench 2015)

My Life Is Magic - A Tribute To Daniel Daniel Küblböck VA (2015)

Multiple Borders - WeAreAllSlaves/NYX (2015)

WeAreAllSlaves/Model For Assembl Split (2015)

You Can Only Get Mad Once - split w/ Rezeegtnuk (2015)

Bandcamp: https://weareallslaves1.bandcamp.com/music

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Weareallslaves?fref=ts

Last.fm: http://www.last.fm/music/WeAreAllSlaves