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Where is This

Where is This is the noise project of Mark Ward, who also runs Bored Bear Recordings.


HNW/HN/Noise/Industrial/Experimental/Drone - depends on mood. Sometimes all of the above.



In The Privacy of Your Own Home (c40, Bored Bear Recordings, 2009)

Fucker (3"cdr, Hoarse Records, 2010)

Karaoke Cemetery (3"cdr, Bored Bear Recordings, 2010)

Infinite Uh (cdr, Bored Bear Recordings, 2010)

Elegant Domesticity (cdr, Side-A Recordings, 2010)

Digital Fire (cdr, KOVOROX SOUND, 2011)

Barry Burton's Burly Bear Burlesque (3"cdr, Hoarse Records (Resident Evil HNW Series), 2011)

The Erection Section (b/card, Quagga Curious Sounds, 2011)

Where is This (cdr, Deadline Noise Recordings, 2011)

Swimming Knives (c30, Violent Noise Atrocities, 2011)

Narcissus at the Gym (c30, Bored Bear Recordings, 2011)

High Definition Ghost (cdr, Victimology Rec., 2011)

Rue Des Lombards (pro-cdr, Bored Bear Recordings, 2012)


Where is This / Werewolf Jerusalem - Split (c30, Bored Bear Recordings, 2010)

Where is This / Zebra Mu - Split (b/card, Bored Bear Recordings, 2011)


Where is This + fire island, AK - s/t (c40, BTNR/Bored Bear Recordings)

Appears On

V/A - SILENCE=DEATH (a queer noise c100, Bored Bear Recordings, 2011)

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