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xAnal Firthx is a noisecore project from Santa Fe, New Mexico. Originally, they set out to parody goregrind, a fairly ridiculous genre. This was easy to do because of the pair's extensive knowledge of the music. Two demos were recorded, and a myspace page was put out. The project was set to retire into utter obscurity when a sudden interest in the demos and the musicians caused them to record a follow up release, The Rotting Genitalia EP. Released on their own personal Firth Records, The Rotting Genitalia EP is their best selling CD so far, and has been downloaded hundreds of times. It marked a very obvious change in style for the band, seeing their sound turn completely into noisecore music. All releases since then have also been of that style. Riding on this success, xAnal Firthx began releasing more EPs and split albums with artists such as Newtdick, I Will Guillotine Your Chihuahua, Gay President Kamizake Assassination Mission, Furunculo Anal, Anal Sex Terror, Toxic Treatment, Encephalitis, Excrements Smeared Vagina, R.I.B.B.T.A.P.P.O.M.N, and many others.

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