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Xtul is an experimental/noise duo from the Yucatan, Mexico, working since 2009 and founded by Enrique R. Palma and J.Beci (both of black metal band Kavra).

They've works released on labels like Obfuscated Records, CVLMINIS, Tonal Crimes, Compulsive Covenant Club, Beartown Records, Required Rate of Return and Human Cross.

Enrique also records/releases as harsh noise/power electronics solo project Farsa del Buen Vivir.


Untitled (CDr/Tape) Self-release | Tape still available @ Wohrt Records store
In the Memory of a Rose no one had ever seen a Gardener Die (Pro CDr) Obfuscated Records | Available @ Obfuscated Records store
Grub (CDr) CVLMINIS Records | Available @ Rigorism Productions store
Hands of the End (Mini CDr) Tonal Crimes | Sold Out @ Xtul store
Black Holes of Stellar Mass (CDr) Tonal Crimes | Sold Out @ Xtul store
The Electric Skull (CDr) Compulsive Covenant Club | Available @ Obsedante! Records Distribution
Motionless Trails (Single) Tonal Crimes | Available @ Xtul store
Petrichor (Cassette album) Beartown | Available @ Beartown Records
Haunted/Hunted (CDr) Required Rate of Return | Available @ Required Rate of Return Records
Ardhanārīśvara (CDr) Human Cross | Available @ Human Cross Records

Atrax Morgue: Tribute (2CDr/MP3) Dead In Mars Records | Available @ Dead In Mars Records