Sperm Of Freddie Mercury

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Sperm Of Freddie Mercury
SxOxFxMx new logo.jpg
Genre: Noise, Harsh Noise, Noisecore, Shitcore
Theme: abusing
Years: 2017 — present
Country: Russia
Labels: Immoral Basement Records, Zymotic Productions, Horse Dick Records, Zvuki Govna, ツ клуб весёлый еблан ツ
Members: Mikola Pyskin
Side Projects: Конча Ча, Король и Shit, эхообоссаныхсортиров, Vsovgovne, Stuprorum Inguini Igni, На 200 Процентов Отпизженный Дедуля, На 50 Процентов Защекоченная Девчуля, MC Pyskin, Пиздовагинальные выделения Стримерши Карины на еблище VxBxDxDx, Твой Рот На Моём Хуе, Гниздиловские Каловые Ноги
Site: vkontakte
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Sperm Of Freddie Mercury (also known as SxOxFxMx) is Russian noise/harsh noise/noisecore/shitcore project, formed in 2017.


The project has undertaken to continue the work of popsakal noise scumbags. The SxOxFxMx was heavily influenced by such projects as Chuck Schuldiner Is Gay, Расчленённая ПугачОва, Krovavaya Soska and NiTo. And also foreign: Anal Cunt, Intestinal Disgorge and Enbilulugugal.

Band members








One-time Projects

In some albums, the band created one-time projects. These projects parodied name of bands, which were dedicated to these albums.

На 200 Процентов Отпизженный Дедуля, На 50 Процентов Защекоченная Девчуля

На 200 Процентов Отпизженный Дедуля (eng. Per 200 Percents Beaten Granddad) and На 50 Процентов Защекоченная Девчуля (eng. Per 50 Percents Tickled Girl) are one-time projects, which parody На 100 Процентов Отмудоханная Бабуля in album "На 100 Процентов Унылая И Не Смешная Поебень" (eng. Per 100 Percents Dull And Unfunny Bullshit) (2018).

Shit Of Freddie Mercury

Shit Of Freddie Mercury is project created by Cheapfox. This project overloads and every way disfigures records of Queen in "Sperm Of Freddie Mercury & Shit of Freddie Mercury Split" (2018).

Sperm Of Freddie Mercury Is Gay

Sperm Of Freddie Mercury Is Gay is one-time project, created by Caliph Mutabor as caricature on SxOxFxMx. There are some elements of a parody on Sperm Of Freddie Mercury, which sound pretty funny.

Other Projects And Side Projects