113 Types of Ears Mutilation

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113 Types of Ears Mutilation.jpg
Artist(s): Трупнокалиберный Гноемёт
Title: 113 Types of Ears Mutilation
Released: 2020
Genre: Noisecore
Type: EP
Label: The Walking Shed
Format: Files - wav
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113 Types of Ears Mutilation is seventh EP of Russian noisecore band Трупнокалиберный Гноемёт. Released by The Walking Shed in 2020.

Track list

01. Gut Eat Gut (Meant Not the Pornogrind Band)
02. Suffering (2 Minuta Dreka Cover)
03. Bombopolis
04. Golden Zyklon B Showers (Abosranie Bogom Cover)
05. Dead Walking Scum
06. Venereal Warts (Impetigo Cover)
07. Your Breath Smells Like... Zyklon B
08. Fuck Attack (Meat Shits Cover)
09. Grilled Dicks
10. I'm Still Standing (Anal Cunt Cover)
11. Speedball
12. Carload Of Democrats (Seven Minutes Of Nausea Cover)
13. Prosthetic Genitals
14. You Suffer (Napalm Death Cover / 2020)
15. Grindcore Queen
16. Not! (S.O.D. Cover)
17. Latex Masked Bitch
18. Startrek (Nee! Cover)
19. Tsunami of Urine
20. Useless Questions Asked (Nihilist Commando Cover)
21. Power Armored Gangbang
22. Noisecore Train (Deche-Charge Cover)
23. Garotta
24. Rottenfield (Pissdeads Cover)
25. Napalm Death Is Dead is Not Dead
26. Lush End (Sete Star Sept Cover)
27. Rectal Angel Dust
28. High and Dry (Sordo Cover)
29. R.I.P. Izedis Apirikubabadazuzukanpa
30. Involuntary Ejaculation (SxSxCxBx Cover)
31. Shoot and Stab a Nazi Scum
32. Hotel She-Male Threesome (Intestinal Disgorge Cover)
33. In Your Brain
34. When I Slam My Axe In Your Head.. You Must Die (CSMD Cover)
35. Strap-On Commando
36. 7 Minutes Of Nausea (Death Before Revolution Cover)
37. String Suffocation
38. Shitgobbling Hate Generation (Gore Beyond Necropsy Cover)
39. R.I.P. Vito Rembozo
40. I Hate Short Songs (Godstomper Cover)
41. Twatrippingrazor
42. Hopeless Existence (Captain Three Leg Cover)
43. Robert Deathrage Has Farty Pants
44. Schwanzlose Amphibie (Gut Cover)
45. Hey 7MON
46. Ode To Agathocles (SMG Cover)
47. V is for... Vagina
48. You Suck (Psycho Sin Cover)
49. Now I Wanna Be Your God
50. Skulltrooper (Iron Butter Cover)
51. GG Alice
52. Seminal Vomit (Bukkake Violence Kommando Cover)
53. Mescaline Hallucinator
54. I Piss in the Nazi's Wounds (Äckligt Pop Cover)
55. My Worst Track Ever... And I'm Proud of It
56. A Clown Shot From A Cannon Into A Concrete Wall (Rectal Machete Cover)
57. Kick to the Face with an Iron Boot
58. track11 (The Earwigs Cover)
59. I'm Invader of Her Anus
60. Compromise? (Ipekakuana Cover)
61. Smell My Noise, Bitch
62. Krígel Or Die! (Sedem Minút Strachu Cover)
63. Piece of Metal
64. Utopia (P.T.A.O. Cover)
65. Bowel Rupture with Pitchfork
66. I love you! (R.I.B.B.T.A.P.O.M.N. Cover)
67. Gulag Bloodbath
68. Reek Of Farz (Anal Massaker Cover)
69. Dickstomp
70. Вспышка слева! (Советская Милиция Cover)
71. Eric Cartman Hates that Song
72. Beaten Senseless With An Ugly Stick (Napalm Suck Cover)
73. I Break Concrete with My Face
74. You Go Girl! (Lobster Assault Cover)
75. Noisecore Gig in Wonderland
76. Igreja (New York Against The Belzebu Cover)
77. Big Dumb Fuckface
78. Police Is Our Best Friend (We Hate Friends) (Agathocles Cover)
79. Pentagram of Heroin Syringes
80. Шпала в животе (Температурный Ожог Cover)
81. I Want to Collect All Releases of Agathocles on Cassettes and Build Myself a House Out of Them
82. The Dunngeon (Dick Dunn Cover)
83. Spiked Iron Condoms
84. Convulsions (Vasectomy Eggs Nailer Cover)
85. Radioactive Wasteland Became Your Grave
86. Ido-Movemento Es Ne Nur Senpaga Marki Postal!! (Piĉismo Cover)
87. Goth Girl Swallowing the Razor
88. 7 Up (Fear Of God Cover)
89. Power Drill Defloration
90. Вперед ногами из пизды (Подзалупная Перхоть Cover)
91. She is so Rot, But... so Hot
92. Rage Against Rage Against The Machine (Bizarre X Cover)
93. LSD Bukakke
94. Murder For Money (Money Hater Cover)
95. Trve Black Metal Still Alive
96. Jello Biafra (Yacøpsæ Cover)
97. Marilyn Manson Goes Noisecore
98. Stay Lag (Maläd Cover)
99. Give Me My Rad-X, Bitch!
100. Fuck You And Your Skull (Mental Abortion Cover)
101. You My Deche, You My Charge
102. Social genocide (Sore Throat Cover)
103. Kostya Popster's Glasses
104. The Anal Experience (Anal Jackson Cover)
105. Suck the Grenade Launcher
106. Genderfuck (The Gerogerigegege Cover)
107. I Need a No-Way Split
108. This One's A Classic (Deflowered Cunt Cover)
109. Blowtorch Facerape
110. Senseless Attack (W.B.I. Cover)
111. Jesus Putnam
112. Death After 2 Seconds (Final Exit Cover)
113. Gut Eat Gut (Now Meant the Pornogrind Band)