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Harsh/Noise/Shit project done by Frank Goshit in the mid 90's.
First started as Attaque Nucleaire for one demo called Nuclear Sound. Then changed the name to Anal Wig.

Anal Wig/EXTREME MONGOLIE - split tape 1994
Anal Wig/MAYONNAISE MASSAKRE - split tape 1994
S.G.N./Anal Wig - split tape 1994
Robin Hood/Anal Wig - split tape 1995
Outermost/Anal Wig - split tape 1995
Keena/TTPWODHS/Mayonnaise Massakre/Intelligent Retard/SONIC DISORDER/Anal Wig - 6 way tape
CLITORIS TRAFFICKER/Police Brutality/Anal Wig - 3 way tape 1995