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Noisecore band from Quebec, Canada featuring Seb Grindionnoise and his brother Yvan. Seb was also a member of DECHE-CHARGE for a while. The style of the band was a press-record-and-do-whatever-we-wanna-do kind of thing. Some tapes had thousands of tracks on it. They have existed from 1992 to 1995. Seb then went on to form the grindcore band DAHMER.

--Demo #1, 1992
--Playing Noise Demo #2, 1993
--Semen Soup Demo #3 (Stupidity Records, 1993)
--split tape with ALVEOLAR CESSPOOL, 1993
--3 way split tape with L.O.C. and SONIC DISORDER, 1993
--split tape with PESTUFATOR (Grindionnoise Produxion, 1994)
--4 way split tape with MORBID SHIT, SONIC DISORDER and SHITICIDE (Gocharge Records, 1994)
--split 7" EP with DECHE-CHARGE (Rotthenness Records, 1994)
--3 way split tape with DISTORTED VIEWS and SEPPUKU SHOFU (Gocharge Records, 1994)
--3 way split tape with ANAL WIG and POLICE BRUTALITY (Gocharge Records, 1995)