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Aokigahara began on December 2012 in Turrialba, Costa Rica, like a side project of the Dark Ambient/Drone/Experimental project Begotten. Aokigahara uses the concept of "Sonic Terrorism" to his own works as a metaphore of causing shock on people like a way to spread a message or alarm about a topic. Usual topics on Aokigahara's works are antifascism, ecologism, social issues and animal liberation. Most of works of Aokigahara have been self-released by the DIY own label Achromatic Productions and also are free downloadable on his bandcamp.



Absurd Humans (Digital Release). First demo, the topic of main demo is antifascist, the song Guts of golden dawn is against the Golden Dawn party of Greece.

Aokigahara vs Bloqueos (Digital Release). Split demo between Aokigahara and Bloqueos, both from Costa Rica, consist of 2 songs. Aokigahara's is a support track to Operation Blitzkrieg of the Anonymous group against neonazi websites.


Liberati (Digital Release). Demo that shows the pro-Animal Liberation posture of Aokigahara.

Nucleos (Digital Release). Demo consist of one track of experimental noise made with electronic process of people talking.

Torture (Tape demo). First physical release of Aokigahara on cassette format, this consist of 4 tracks in memory of Junko Furuta, Elham Assi, Sylvia Likens and "Damini" of Delhi, those girls was tortured or suffer in an inhuman way, showing the degradation of human race, just 4 copies was made.

Split EP (Split CD). CD split of Aokigahara with Melomana Distorsion, both from Costa Rica, Melomana Distorsion do a Experimental Industrial, released as a 10 limited copies.

Maquinismos (Album Cd). 2 tracks album, with 44 minutes long and a 5 inch diskette look.

ソニックテロ (Digital Release). Demo release that again shows the pro-animal liberation position of Aokigahara.

Aracnokigahara (Split Tape). Split cassette between Aokigahara and Aracnophobia, both from Costa Rica, 20 minutes of noises.

Chorizos (Digital Release). Released in middle of political campaign for elections in Costa Rica, this track shows de corruption into 2 of the most important parties on Costa Rica.

Aokigahara's Bandcamp: [1] Achromatic Productions Blogsite: [2]