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Ashley Blues was a Russian one-man experimental band created by Artyom Sviridov, previously of Blockhead's Guts.

Ashley Blues began in 2011 in Ryazan. Unlike Blockhead's Guts, Ashley Blues was more of a conceptual project with focus on exploring sexual deviations and darker corners of human psyche. Genres vary greatly, from straightforward noise to soft ambient piano tracks and experimental electronics.

From 2011 to 2015 Ashley Blues have created more than 30 records, most of which have been released on CDs and tapes by such labels as Church of Freedom, Parkbench Records, TRASHFUCK Records, Shit Noise Records, Smell The Stench and many more. Vast majority of Ashley Blues' recordings are split and collaborative recordings, most notably with such artists as RedSK, Joli, Vomir, To-Bo, Yura Gorodezkii, Logical Fiend, Skullmuffer, Owen Davis and more.

Under the Ashley Blues moniker Artyom have performed several times in his native city of Ryazan.

The project have been officially inactive since 2015. Artyom have since moved to another short-lived projects before eventually quitting noise music completely.

Full discography list can be found on Ashley Blues' Discogs page although only few releases are available for download.

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