Scissor Shock

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Adam Cooley plus some other people sometimes is SCISSOR SHOCK

a lot of noise, rock, blues, jazz, glitch, grind from the USA

released with labels such as Glitch City, Crucial Blast Records (Crucial Bliss), X Died en route Y, Soundo Maso, Stone Lion and more.

[1] [2] most records available for free streaming at lastfm



  • I am So Sick of this Bullshit (Brokecore) (CDr, Mini)
  • Spread Ebola 3000 (Excite Bike) (CDr, Mini, Ltd)
  • Steev's Funeral EP (X Died en route Y) (CDr)
  • Super Yum Surgeon Boy (X Died en route Y) (CDr)
  • Sex, Killing Japanese People, Have Sex With Japanese People, And Having Sex With Japanese People And Killing Them (Brokecore) (CDr)
  • Untitled (Brokecore) (CDr, mini)
  • Untitled (Brokecore) (CDr)
  • How to make a Scream Queen Cream (X Died en route Y) (CDr)
  • We're in the Trash Bag (Crucial Bliss) (CDr)
  • Jesus the Album (Canned Beef Records) (CDr)
  • Hole in the Head of God EP (Stone Lion) (CDr, Ltd)
  • Psychic Existentialist (For Noise's Sake) (CDr, Ltd)

Split releases