Something Else - Instrumental

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Something Else Cover - Single.png
Artist(s): Dr. Failure
Title: Something Else - Instrumental
Recorded: September-October, 2016
Released: November 28, 2016
Genre: Rock
Type: Single
Label: Independent
Format: Files - MP3
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Prior to the release of Something Else, Dr. Failure was busy putting his first live solo show up, titled Dr. Failure's Interesting Experiments. The show was in December, and he figured he'd start making more content so that his "Interesting Experiments" show wouldn't have only had tracks from Interesting Experiments. This was the first release where he was open, yet still metaphorical about his sexuality (i.e. the opening "Livin’ in the South, ain’t it great? I wanna beer, I wanna be —", an obvious "queer" was supposed to replace the "string pop" in the intro; and the outro "Father Lucifer. My young, lost soul Needs your warmth" was an allusion to a boy he met a couple months prior whom he had a crush on, who was aliased as Lucifer). Eventually, he would finish this with the EP titled Something Else, starting out with this track as the opener.

Gear and Equipment

Dr. Failure used a MacBook Air, a gaming headset (SADES SA902), and the DAW "GarageBand".


# Track Title Time
1 Something Else 09:23

Total Runtime: 09:23