District Convention Dogshit Overseer

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Were a The Happiness Patrol project. Short sharp shite blasts of electronic noise.

Truly dreadful. Worst Happiness Patrol project ever. Please go download something else.

10 THP DL (2014)

Free EP download available from the Internet Archive.

14 THP DL (2015)

Steven Lett is my homeboy 600.jpg
"1: The Still Shite, Pointless and Ignorable Expanded Edition"
Free Download EP available from Bandcamp

22 THP DL / BS 002 (2016)

Our Kingdom Ministry.jpg
"Our Kingdom Ministry (A Happiness Patrol Sampler)" featuring China Pig, Send In The Idiots, The Happiness Patrol, District Convention Dogshit Overseer and China Pig Pro.
Bloody Spoons Netlabel
Free Download from Archive.org

10 THP DL (2016)

Jesus Was a Cuck 500.jpg
"Jesus was a Cuck"
Bloody Spoons Netlabel
Free EP download available from the Archive.org.