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As of 03:07pm (GMT) October 4th 2016 the Happiness Patrol Project is dead. We just killed it. Send In Thee Idiots is the new project.

Send In thee Idiots is now dead. Long Live Pavlov's Dog's Dinner.



Spreading the good news of Jehovah's Kingdom through the medium of Noise Music, Plunderphonics, Drones and Power Electronics since 2012 the Happiness Patrol resided in the High Peak area of Derbyshire, England.

The project is now terminated.

Websites, Free Downloads and Crud

As of October 4th 2016 all the below are declared inactive pending clean up.

Here's our blog
Here's our Bandcamp
Here's our
Here's our Soundcloud
Here's our Discogs (label)
Here's our Discogs (band)
Here's our Tumblr
Here's the Bloody Spoons Netlabel on


Email address in image (still valid but will be updated soon)...

Discography (all self released unless otherwise stated)

Minions150.png Spastic-150.jpg Our Kingdom Ministry 150.jpg Boring150.jpg Jesus Was a Cuck 150.jpg

2016 THP 05 DL - District Convention Dogshit Overseer "Jesus Was a Cuck" (Free Download from Bloody Spoons Netlabel)
22 THP DL - Duck Halt, Send In The Idiots and the Happiness Patrol "Protest Songs Are Boring" (Free Download from Bloody Spoons Netlabel)
21 THP DL - various artists Our Kingdom Ministry (A Happiness Patrol Sampler) (Free Download from Bloody Spoons Netlabel)
20 THP 3CDR - The Happiness Patrol "Curing Mental Spasticity (Expanded)" (3" CD-R, 5 copies deleted)
19 THP DL - Send In The Idiots "Everyone You See Will Be Righteous" (Free Download from or Bandcamp)

Terry150.png Sparlock150b.png London150.gif Steven Lett is my homeboy 150.jpg 1-150.jpg Ah150.jpg After150.jpg Life150.jpg
18 THP DL - China Pig Pro / Send In The Idiots "Life Unfolds Where Ever You Are" (Free Download from or Bandcamp])
17 THP DL - The Happiness Patrol "...after Hymnen (Expanded)" (Free Download from
16 THP 3CDR - The Happiness Patrol "...after Hymnen" (3" CD-R, 4 copies deleted)
15 THP 3CDR - Send In The Idiots "#1" (3" CD-R, 5 copies deleted - New tracks available for free download from Soundcloud (1) and Soundcloud (2))
14 THP DLE - District Convention Dogshit Overseer "1: The Still Shite, Pointless and Ignorable Expanded Edition" (Free Download from Bandcamp)
13 THP DL - Send In The Idiots "A Fine Collection of London Hats" (Free Download from Bandcamp or
12 THP DL - Send In The Idiots "RaQet" (Free Download from Bandcamp or
11 THP DL - Send In The Idiots "At the BBC" (Free Download from Bandcamp or Archive'org)

Naked150.jpg Spastic150.jpg Bacon150.png Abortionkermit150.jpg Dog150.jpg
10 THP DL - District Convention Dogshit Overseer "1" (Free Download from
09 THP DL - China Pig "Shut Up Grammatic Oil!" (Free Download from Bandcamp or
08 THP DL - China Pig "Let Them Eat Pork (Free Download from Bandcamp or
07 THP DL - The Happiness Patrol "Curing Mental Spasticity" (Free download from Bamdcamp or
06 THP DL - Send In The Idiots "Mmm Naked Librarian" (Free Download from Bandcamp or

10-150.jpg Jesus150.jpg
05 THP MDC / DL - The Happiness Patrol "Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Jesus But Were Afraid To Ask" (Micro cassette, 1 copy or download, Hal Tapes Museum of Microcassette Art [1], USA)
04 THP MC / DL - various artists "1.0 Outside" c/w The Happiness Patrol "Messing With Bob's O.C.D." (Cassette or Free Download from Bandcamp or

Con150.jpg Ton150.jpg Kenny150.jpg
03 THP DL - Kenny Loggins At Live Aid "2 Blind Improvisations for Five String Electric Guitar" (Free Download from Soundcloud)
02 THP DL - various artists "In Tongues" (features a track by The Happiness Patrol Grooving With A Pict - free download, Waxen Wings [2], UK)
01 THP MC / CDR2 / DL - various artists "Connection Cassette Vol.6" (features a track by The Happiness Patrol - Cassette, 2x CD-R or $1 download, Hal Tapes [3], USA)

Gear (photos and further details to come)

4 Track Recorder
Gristleism (Buddha Machine)
Korg Monotron Duo Analogue Synthesizer
5 String Electric Guitar
Yamaha Children's Synthesiser
Distortion FX Pedal
PC running Cool Edit Pro

Field Recordings


Walking Through Macclesfield Town Centre 12:34pm 27th March 2012
Heaton Chapel Station To Fopp Manchester Via Manchester Piccadilly Station 1616 thru 1638 10th March 2012
Noises, Chatter and Some Guy Humming Strangely To Himself 1201pm through 1208pm on the Bredbury to Marple Train 22nd January 2012
Sounds Recorded at Romiley Board Mill on the Afternoon of July 29th 2011

All the Happiest Bands Are On Patrol


China Pig
China Pig Pro
District Convention Dogshit Overseer
Duck Halt
The Happiness Patrol
The Happiness Patrol Grooving With A Pict
Kenny Loggins At Live Aid
The Lost Betjemans
Send In The Idiots

Friends And Collaborators

John Magill
Rejekted Kauses
Augus Traeger
Vziel Project