Send In The Idiots

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Send In the Idiots were a The Happiness Patrol project and are now a Pavlov's Dog's Dinner project.

Analogue experimental noise recorded on a cheap 4-track recorder using a Korg ribbon synth, charity shop Yamaha children's synth, faulty distortion pedal and a Dictaphone feedback loop.

06 THP DL (September 2014)

Tmp 2014 (4)2049262848.jpg
"Mmm Naked Librarian"
Free EP available for downlaod at Bandcamp or Archive.or

11 THP DL (July 2015)

"At the BBC" - Electronic dirge and grot. Not the easiest or nicest of listening.
Free download at Bandcamp or

12 THP DL (July 2015)

"RaQet" - As abive but possibly worse.
Free download at Bandcamp or

13 THP DL (August 2015)

"A Fine Collection of London Hats" - Yet more (mostly) analogue noise.
Free Download from or Bandcamp

15 THP CDR3 (September 2015)

"#1" - Compilation 3" CD-R containing two new tracks (downloads below):
Fuck A Bear With Birdshit All Over It's Swede
Riches Beyond Human Imagination

18 THP DL (December 2015)

"Life Unfolds Wherever You Are" - Split EP with China Pig Pro.
Free download from Bandcamp or

19 THP DL (March 2016)

"Everyone You See Will Be Righteous" - Yet more shitty noise and ambient loops.
Free download from Bandcamp or

21 THL DL / BS 002 (April 2016)

Our Kingdom Ministry.jpg
"Our Kingdom Ministry (A Happiness Patrol Sampler)" featuring China Pig, Send In The Idiots, The Happiness Patrol, District Convention Dogshit Overseer and China Pig Pro.
Bloody Spoons Netlabel
Free Download from

22 THP DL / BS 003 (June 2016)

Duck Halt, Send In The Idiots and The Happiness Patrol "Protest Songs Are Boring"
Bloody Spoons Netlabel
Free Download from

2016 SITI ARC 02 CDR (November 2016)

"September 2014 - July 2015"
Free Download from Bandcamp

2016 SITI ARC 03 CDR (November 2016)

"August 2015 - April 2016"
Free Download from Bandcamp

2017 PDD 03 DL (November 2017)

"A Scrapbook of Crap: Tidying Up Before Phase Two (Shorter Download Version)"
Free Download from Bandcamp

2018 PDD 03 CDR (March 2018)

"A Scrapbook of Crap: Tidying Up Before Phase Two"

2018 PDD 04 CDR (March 2018)

"Sometimes The Law Protects You Sometimes"
3" CD-R

2018 PDD 05 RMC (March 2018)

Recycled Cassette deleted

2018 PDD 07 MC / DL (July 2018)

"600 Edgy 12 Year Olds Call Jim Henson Gay"
Cassette or Download from

2018 PDD 10 CDR / MC / DL (September 2018)

"Let's Sing Of The Unspeakable Together"
CD-R, Cassette, or Download from or abridged Download from Bandcamp