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China Pig were a The Happiness Patrol project and are about to release a new mini-album and compilation CD-R on the Pavlov's Dog's Dinner label.

Semi-improvised Noise made mostly using customized Dictaphone feedback generator, unreliable FX pedals, analogue Korg ribbon synth and random tape elements.

Discogs Profile

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08 THP DL (2014)

Mini album "Let Them Eat Pork" free download at or Bandcamp.

09 THP DL (2014)

Mini album "Shut Up Grammatic Oil!" free download at or Bandcamp.

21 THP DL / BS 002 (2016)

Our Kingdom Ministry.jpg
"Our Kingdom Ministry (A Happiness Patrol Sampler)" featuring China Pig, Send In The Idiots, The Happiness Patrol, District Convention Dogshit Overseer and China Pig Pro.
Bloody Spoons Netlabel
Free Download from

2016 THP 06 CDR (2016)

2014 - 600.png
Compilation album "2014" CD-R - DELETED