Something Eggy On A Plate

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"Something Eggy On a Plate" is a promotional CD-R made for local distribution by The Happiness Patrol.
It was released September 2014.

A revised mix of track 2 is available on the "Messing With Bob's O.C.D." album by The Happiness Patrol.
Track 08 may be included on the forthcoming Happiness Patrol EP "Enjoy God"
Tracks 09 and 10 will never be made available anywhere else.


Track Listing:

01: China Pig "Piss Off Joey Porter" (from the EP "Let Them Eat Pork", free download)
02: The Happiness Patrol "The World Ends With a Whimper, Not a Bang (Original Mix)" (unreleased, free download)
03: The Happiness Patrol "Boots Boots Cadbury's Boots" (from the album "Messing With Bob's O.C.D.", free download
04: Send In The Idiots "No True Scotsman Much" (from the EP "Mmm, Naked Librarian", free download)
05: The Happiness Patrol "So They Say" (from the EP "Curing Mental Spasticity", free download)
06: China Pig "Silver Apples Up Your Bum" (from the EP "Shut Up Grammatic Oil!" free download)
07: The Happiness Patrol "Astral Social Club Sandwich" (from the EP "Curing Mental Spasticity", free download)
08: The Happiness Patrol "Mantra (Full Title Pending)" (unreleased, free download)

Unlisted Bonus Tracks
09: Kenny Loggins At Live Aid "2 Blind Improvisations for 2 Five String Electric Guitars - Redux (Edit)" (unreleased, download original versions here)
10: artist unknown "I Thought It Was You (clean version)" (unreleased)